Cayman islands jobs 2022 Government vacancies for foreigners


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Cayman islands jobs 2022 Update Here

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Job DetailsQualifications / Job Description / opportunity
Agency: Environmental Health
Salary: CI$61,272 – CI$82,380

For Permanent Residents: A Permanent Residency Certificate
• For Persons married to a Caymanian: An Employment Rights Certificate
• For Government Employee: no additional information required
• For Student: Student visa approval letter or passport endorsement
General Hints : How to complete your application form
• Read the job description before you start
• Use black ink so that we can clearly photocopy forms for shortlisting and interviewing
• Complete all sections of the form as fully as possible
• Clearly label and number any continuation sheets with your name and the post you are
applying for, and list the number of attachments on the main application form. This allows us to
check that we have all the information you want us to have before we shortlist
• Keep a copy of the application form for your own records
Cayman Islands drivers Jobs
Job Aviation Technicians
Primary Location US-CT-Hartford
Grand Cayman KY1-9000, CAYMAN ISLANDS
Fax: (345) 949-065 Email:
Evidence of Qualifications
If invited to interview, you will be required to provide evidence to prove that you hold the
qualifications, which are relevant to the appointment. You will be required to submit original or
certified copies of your education certificates, diplomas, degrees, etc.
If the post requires you to drive for official business you will be required to present to your manager,
upon appointment, a Cayman Islands drivers’ license.
Assistant Operations
Agency: Environmental Health
Salary: CI$48,816 – CI$65,664
Qualifications, experience and skills:
The holder of the post should have a bachelor’s degree in environmental health or related field and must have five (5) years of experience in solid waste operating environment, preferably at least three (3) years in supervisory capacity, or;
Equivalent combination of relevant managerial experience and vocational/academic training.
Cayman islands jobs 2022 Government vacancies for foreigners

Under the direction of Operations Manager Solid Waste (OMSW), Assistant Operations Manager Sister Island is to manage the day-to-day operation of solid waste operations of the Department of Environment Health (DEH) for landscaping, recycling operations and garbage collection. Cayman Islands Sister Islands. Recruitment jobs cayman islands This is achieved by reducing the relevant risk, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, reducing or reducing operating costs and ensuring compliance with applicable organizational policies, local rules and producer requirements.

How To Find Job in Cayman Islands?

Job openings to search for local employment opportunities local residents, those moving to Cayman Islands and recruitment agencies. Cayman. Careers

how to apply cayman islands government job vacancies?

Job vacancies Government prefers people to submit an official application form, a resume and a cover letter. Visit for job opportunities

Jobs In Minister of employment in Cayman?

Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs is a ministry of the Cayman Islands. The Ministry of Employment & Border Control supports the measures that the Cayman Islands Government has put in place to protect and inform the residents of the Cayman Islands

Government vacancies for foreigners : Qualifications, experience and skills:

Cayman islands jobs 2022 Government vacancies for foreigners

The holder of the post should have an Associate Degree in the concerned field and must have five (5) years of experience in the operational environment, preferably at least three (3) years in supervisory capacity, or; Equivalent combination of relevant supervisory experience and vocational/academic training. The incumbent should have proven experience of basic project management and professional health and safety measures. The post holder should have valid driving license and good driving history.


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